Navigating Challenges of Real-Time Moderation and Legislation in the Growing Global Gaming Industry
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 2:40 PM - 3:05 PM
Chayeeta Sarkar

Gaming is a rapidly growing industry with north of ~3 Billion gamers identified globally. As the lines between gaming and social continue to blur, one of the largest focus areas for the gaming industry will relate to trust & safety - everything from the infrastructure, consumer sentiment, the implications of the regulatory landscape, and fostering developer mindsets that enable safer, more privacy-responding, and fundamentally more inclusive games. Trust and Safety for gaming and platforms, however, is very different. Our presentation will share the shift in safety for gaming and how safety, privacy, and inclusivity must be core to game development and design. We will discuss: The growing symbiosis between gaming and social worlds, and the changing demographics of the gamer/player profile as users grow and game experiences cross age demographics and platforms. The challenges faced with in-game safety for experiences that play-out or stream in a live environment, which increases the very real risk of encountering real-time harm, and how innovative tech and design is tackling the problem How regulation and transparency reporting will increase visibility and accountability for gaming spaces that are safe for all, and the compliance implications if they do not Why safety-by-design for positive user experience will be the deciding factor in community loyalty and support as gaming continues to grow into new Web3 and spatial experiences.

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Connection 2
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Amara Singapore
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088539
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