Clickbait : Abuse problem that changes color like chameleon in APAC
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 3:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Nikhil Sawlani

Clickbait malpractice poses a critical issue in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, demanding immediate attention. Publishers in APAC employ deceptive tactics, crafting sensational and misleading content with the sole purpose of driving clicks and ad revenue. This detrimental practice leads to a cascade of harmful consequences. Foremost, clickbait fuels misinformation by disseminating false or misleading information, negatively affecting public discourse and decision-making. It also results in wasted time and money for users who click on enticing but ultimately disappointing content. Additionally, clickbait can perpetrate ad fraud, generating fraudulent ad clicks that harm both the advertising industry and consumers. Furthermore, it erodes trust in publishers and online platforms, making it challenging for individuals to locate reliable information.The complexity of the APAC region, with its diverse languages and cultures, exacerbates the problem by making it challenging for publishers to create relevant, non-clickbait content for a wide audience, and for users to discern clickbait from genuine content. To combat this menace, Google Discover is employing advanced machine learning techniques to detect and combat clickbait, implementing actor-based strategies to identify and proactively block bad actors, and establishing country-specific policies and early warning systems. Nevertheless, the battle against clickbait persists as an uphill struggle, necessitating Google's ongoing commitment to ensuring a safe and reliable user experience.Beyond the outlined issues, clickbait's capacity to manipulate emotions, spread hate speech, and target vulnerable populations, including children, underscores its gravity. Furthermore, it can inflict significant damage on the reputations of businesses and organizations. Recognizing the severity of this issue is crucial to taking effective measures against clickbait malpractice.

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Lightning Talk