Full Name
Kishore Kumar Shetty
Job Title
Senior Vice President
Speaker Bio
Kishore Kumar Shetty is an operation executive with an exceptional career spanning over two decades, primarily focused on Financial and Trust and Safety services. Currently, he holds a pivotal role as the Head of Trust and Safety Services for the APAC region at Teleperformance. Kishore's expertise has been instrumental in establishing and optimizing operations for short video platforms, gaming companies, and e-commerce clients across diverse global regions, including South-east Asia, the Middle east, Africa, and Latin America.

Throughout his career, Kishore has consistently demonstrated his ability in managing large-scale operations, nurturing high-performing teams, and devising innovative solutions to intricate challenges. His track record holds achievements, of establishing a large HC operation in content moderation for a major social media client and creating a 'Centre of Excellence' tailored for Indonesia and Malaysia markets of Teleperformance.

Residing in Singapore with his supportive spouse, Hema, and their two cherished daughters, Maulyaa and Manya, Kishore Kumar Shetty holds a Post Graduate diploma in Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in business management from Bangalore University. His illustrious 20+ years career has encompassed significant tenures at Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, and Dell Computers, cementing his reputation as a dynamic and accomplished leader in the field of operations.
Kishore Kumar Shetty