Future-proofing Industry-Academia Collaboration for T&S Research, Policy and Safety by Design
Date & Time
Friday, May 17, 2024, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Maggie Brennan Darragh McCashin Inbal Goldberger

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The target audience for this round table includes:

  • Child Safety Specialists
  • Trust and Safety professionals
  • Policy and safety by design specialists
  • Domain academics working in Child Safety

In future-proofing the evolving Trust & Safety (T&S) field, this workshop will consider how to formalise greater collaboration between academia and industry to respond to the distinct and emerging learning needs of T&S professionals in the EMEA context. Modelled on the recent Trust & Safety Teaching Consortium within the Stanford Internet Observatory, this workshop will consider the specific contextual needs of EMEA-focused academic and industry stakeholders in this regard, with the view to achieving the following aims: 1. Identifying core knowledge gaps and opportunities where industry and academia can collaborate to improve training, Learning and Development (L&D) and Continuous Professional Development CPD offerings for EMEA-focused T&S professionals, with critical consideration of existing and emergent T&S learning needs in the region. These learning needs relate, for example, to evolving GenAI threats and socio-legal and regional regulatory developments such as the EU Digital Services Act and impending Artificial Intelligence Act, country-level online safety legislation (e.g. UK Online Safety Act), regional conflicts (Ukraine, Gaza, etc.). 2. Prioritising the identified training, L&D and CPD needs of T&S professionals in EMEA contexts. 3. Envisioning optimal pathways to academia-industry collaboration to future proof the training, L&D and CPD needs of these T&S professionals. 4. Distilling the outcomes of aims 1-3 in an open-access co-authored paper for submission to the Journal of Online Trust and Safety to share EMEA-specific stakeholder needs, collaboration opportunities and best practices with the wider T&S field. We envisage that the workshop will be used to highlight a set of high-level themes across these three spheres for further development in a submission to the Journal of Online Trust and Safety. We would be happy to share a written summary of these themes and workshop findings with our participants after the session for information (and for review if desired) before undertaking further work to build upon them in a journal submission. We will not name individual contributors or organisations in any written output without appropriate permission being granted by the contributor. That being said, we will happily acknowledge the support of the TSPA and the workshop contributors in any written output linked to this session.

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Clayton Hotel Burlington Road
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