Full Name
Bindiya Lakshmi Raghunath
Job Title
Global Wellbeing and Resilience Research Analyst
Speaker Bio
Bindiya Lakshmi Raghunath is the Global Research Analyst for Wellbeing and Resilience, for the Consumer Business Wipro- Enterprise Futuring. She brings her expertise in social, affective, and cognitive neuroscience to understand and consequently develop evidence-based approaches to promote employee wellbeing, grounded by the biopsychosocial framework. Bindiya is a graduate from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with a decade of experience in human behavioural neuropsychology research. She has various publications in scientific journals, presented across various international conferences, and delivered numerous lectures on cognitive neuroscience. Her vision is to bridge the gap between academic research and practical implementation of findings across wellbeing in organizations. She also enjoys designing homes, dancing, and aerial silks.
Bindiya Lakshmi Raghunath