Full Name
Raquel Vazquez Llorente
Job Title
Head of Law and Policy - Technology Threats and Opportunities
Speaker Bio
Raquel is a lawyer specialized in helping communities use technology to expose human rights abuses and seek accountability for international crimes. At WITNESS, she leads a team that engages early on with emerging technologies that will undermine or enhance audiovisual witnessing, and that will impact thousands of human rights defenders. Her current work focuses on how generative AI and synthetic media affect the trustworthiness of digital content related to critical human rights situations; and on the challenges of accessing, collecting and archiving social media content that could be used for justice for core international crimes. Raquel holds over a decade of experience working on matters concerning the verification, provenance and authenticity of digital content. She is regularly consulted by international accountability institutions, technology companies, and groups documenting core international crimes on matters related to the use of digital evidence in legal proceedings, in particular photo and video.

Before joining WITNESS, Raquel was the Permanent Representative to the International Criminal Court for FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights). Prior to that, Raquel helped build eyeWitness, an organization incubated at the International Bar Association that developed award-winning technology to verify and authenticate photo and video. In her role, she led strategic partnerships with technologists, litigation networks and activists that contributed to the documentation and investigation of international crimes in Central America, the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe—bringing victim-centered justice to communities affected by human rights abuses.
Raquel Vazquez Llorente