Dublin, Ireland | May 31, 2023

Please Note: If you are looking for the 2024 EMEA Summit, you can find it here

Welcome to the Inaugural EMEA Summit hosted by the Trust & Safety Professionals Association (TSPA)! This one-day conference, taking place May 31, 2023, is dedicated to trust and safety professionals who are responsible for keeping platforms and communities safe. The event will take place at The Gibson Hotel with a mix of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. 

TSPA Regional Summits are unique in that they are planned by local TSPA members with programming that is most relevant to the region. The summit supports TSPA’s vision of creating and fostering a global community of practice among trust and safety professionals by centring each region’s concerns, priorities, diversity, and culture.

The EMEA Summit this year will focus on the theme "What Does It Look Like to Centre EMEA?" and will have two main goals. The first goal is to share information that will empower trust and safety practitioners in EMEA. Attendees will have the chance to hear from leaders and peers on topics like preparing for emerging technologies, career pathing, wellness, local regulation, and policy. The second goal is to connect trust and safety professionals in EMEA. Attendees will have the opportunity to socialise throughout the day as well as connect over specific topics. 

We look forward to bringing together professionals who are passionate about trust and safety in EMEA. Join us at the Inaugural EMEA Summit to network, share insights, and build a community of practice.